Kataoka Mandolin Institute
Ensemble Testa Calda
"Testa Calda" means "enthusiastic people" in Italian. Since foundation in 1982 by Michiko Kataoka, mandolinist, and her pupils including Toru Tajima, we have been exploring possibilities of ensemble, under Michiko Kataokaユs tutelage, in pursuit of enthusiastic expression of music and energetic sounds to be true to the name of the group. Current members are Toru Tajima, leader, Makoto Sakurai, mandolinist, and approximately 20 pupils studying at Kataoka Mandolin Institute.

We perform in our regular concert and annual concert of the Institute, and have proactively participated in/have been invited to music festivals for plectrum instruments held in Germany, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Setouchi, etc. In our performances, we have been focusing on contemporary music not only from Japan but also from abroad, and since 2000 we have been working on commissioned pieces in the effort to expand our repertoire. So far, the works by Keiko Harada, Yasuo Kuwahara, Roland Ganz and Makoto Sakurai have been premiered.

Through working on contemporary music as well as many other good pieces and commissioned works, our journey to search "something new" in mandolin ensemble will continue.

2007年09月20日  アンサンブル テスタ カルド 第11回演奏会

アンサンブル テスタ カルド 第11回演奏会 を開催いたします

日 時: 2008年 2月16日(土) 開演時間未定

場 所: ルーテル市ヶ谷センター


【出 演】  客演指揮: 鷹羽弘晃
        演奏: アンサンブル テスタ カルド

委嘱新曲  ・・・内藤正彦
委嘱新曲  ・・・桜井至誠
SINFONIETTA (シンフォニエッタ) für Mandolinenorchester  ・・・Hans Gal
Suite Campesina (田園風組曲)  ・・・Sebastien Paci
Kontraste (コントラスト) für zupforchester  ・・・Jürg Baur
Capriole Suite  ・・・Peter Warlock
Five Movement für zupforchester (ツプフオーケストラのための五楽章)  ・・・Erik‘t Hart