Kataoka Mandolin Institute

Website of MIYATAKE'S Mandolin organized by Shogo Miyatake, internationally active mandolin player based in Takamatsu, Kagawa Pref., providing information on Setouchi International Guitar Mandolin Festival, etc.

Website of NAVI. a recording/production company. NAVI conducted recording and production of the CDs of Trio Nuovo and other ensembles of the Institute, and also is supporting sale of the CDs.

Mandolin and guitar shop in Yoyogi, Tokyo. Michiko Kataoka gives mandolin lessons at Iguchi Music School as well.

"Kanaderu! Mandolin" is the only mandolin technical magazine in Japan.(4 times issue per year) There are various music scores and informations."Useful" score magazine.

Website of Sakurai Mandolin Institute established in August 2003.

Website of Mari Mori, who is actively engaged in education and performance of mandolin.

Site of the e-community magazine of Suginami area, Tokyo, where the Institute is located. Provides information of Waon Club concerts, etc.

Website of Noriko Itami, a mandolinist in Okayama Pref.

Website of Orchestra "Plettro". Hiroshi Yamaguchi is the representative and conductor.

Official website of Yayoi Negishi, a young and energetic pianist, who appeared in the Waon Club Concert held in February 2007.